Hi there! My name is Freek Rutkens. I'm a graphic designer and virtual reality enthusiast from Haarlem, the Netherlands, with a passion for technology and digital media.

Debug VR

A critical research into the status quo of virtual reality

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Food For Thought

Publication of a personal research into culinary hacking

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North Sea Jazz Poster

Poster design for the annual North Sea Jazz poster contest

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Air Force

3D typography piece as tribute to Nike Air Force

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This Is Fit

Brand identity for a bootcamp start-up

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1km² Internet

An interactive virtual reality journey through the physical internet

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Typhoon Animation

Handdrawn animation to a song from Typhoon

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Freedom Poster

A poster design, rebelling against the contest's rules

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A is for...

An Animated Alphabet

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Creating Pioneers

Branding proposal for a conference on design and education

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GGD Samen Starten App

Redesign for healthcare workers app

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Freek Rutkens
Graphic Designer

(+31) 6 39 79 88 64

Bernadottelaan 220
2037 GX Haarlem